The Hague Political Academy

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The Hague Political Academy has been founded in order to meet the needs of diplomats and expats for a better understanding of Dutch society and politics.

It is not always easy, in particular for newcomers, to grasp the main characteristics of Dutch culture and the way in which the democratic system works here in practice. Reflecting the historical divisions in  society, the political parties represent only minorities. As a result in the Netherlands coalition cabinets have always been the norm.





High level course for diplomats and other foreign residents




Everything you should know about Dutch Politics

The Academy organises courses and seminars to enable diplomats and expats in executive positions to become acquainted with public life in the Netherlands. Apart from Bob van den Bos  several distinguished guest speakers will share their experience and views with the participants.

The Academy has the ambition to become a platform and meeting  place for diplomats and expats. Informal contacts are a substantial part of all sessions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs  has been fully informed of the this initiative.

The Hague Political Academy is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (28-2- 2013) .